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Our business concept

77 Think Up, is a disruptive business concept in the structure of the real estate market. Our raison d’être is to offer all the necessary services to help you achieve highly profitable investments in Spain, based on your economic objectives and designed to suit your preferences. In other words, we provide a complete opportunity so that you can enter the Spanish market as you wish. The service is completely customised to your needs and is based on the constant relationship with our clients.

Connection Poland – Spain

77 Think Up is a company with Polish roots based on Marbella. The cultural, economic and professional knowledge of both countries, gives us the possibility to bring Marbella closer to the European market with expertise and a guaranteed success.

Puerto banus

77 Think Up trabaja en un concepto de negocio innovador y efectivo, basado en la relación que mantenemos con nuestros clientes. Nuestro objetivo es ayudarte a conseguir rentabilizar al máximo tus inversiones en España. Por ello, no se nos puede denominar una inmobiliaria o constructora, ya que nuestro plan de acción abarca muchas más acciones que la venta/construcción de casas. Construimos, asesoramos, buscamos, ayudamos, conversamos, decoramos, diseñamos y rentabilizamos las propiedades e inversiones que desees.

“The mind that is opened to a new idea will never return to its original size”

We bring together European culture and the experience of working in the real estate investment field in the Spanish market. Thus, we build bridges so that you can invest in Spain without any problem, backed by a team of professionals with extensive experience in the sector.

conexión polonia

Our social and environmental commitment

Eficiencia energética

We are aware that we must take care of the planet. At 77 Think Up we work to make structures / buildings that are as efficient as possible, always reaching high levels on the energy efficiency scale and trying to use renewable energy sources in our projects.

eficiencia energética
desarrollo sostenible

Sustainable development goals

Our goal is to meet the highest possible sustainable development goals.

We focus on building a better world for all, doing our bit so that our activity is not merely for economic purposes, but also serves to help society.